Restore the Shore
Photo Project.

Over one year after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, many here at the Jersey Shore are still working to rebuild. Dogstar Digital had developed a program intended to serve our neighbors.

Dogstar Acquires
Top-Line Imaging

On September 9, 2013 Dogstar Digital has entered an agreement with Top-Line Imaging to take over management of existing customer accounts.


Dogstar Digital

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Waterfront CondoAlthough our specialties lie in product and location photography, we also produce professional results in other facets of the industry.

Corporate Headshots

In the event your company requires headshots, Dogstar Digital also maintains the ability to provide studio and business environment photos for use in social media, advertising, and employee directories.

Editorial Coverage

Dogstar Digital also provides photo support for traditional and social media publication. Owner/photographer Jay Armbrust has been published in magazines such as The Aquarian and The Real Deal. His photos have also been vetted by The Patch and CNN.

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