Restore the Shore
Photo Project.

Over one year after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, many here at the Jersey Shore are still working to rebuild. Dogstar Digital had developed a program intended to serve our neighbors.

Dogstar Acquires
Top-Line Imaging

On September 9, 2013 Dogstar Digital has entered an agreement with Top-Line Imaging to take over management of existing customer accounts.


Dogstar Digital

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Ornament Ad PhotoPhotographs are as subjective as they are meaningful. Knowing how to take a photograph that is not only technically executed, but also effective for publication is a rare ability to attain. With over 2 decades in the print and publishing industry, Owner Jay Armbrust maintains not only the skill, but also the foresight to photograph subjects large and small in a way that will integrate into the design vision - sometimes even providing the design inspiration itself!

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