Restore the Shore
Photo Project.

Over one year after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, many here at the Jersey Shore are still working to rebuild. Dogstar Digital had developed a program intended to serve our neighbors.

Dogstar Acquires
Top-Line Imaging

On September 9, 2013 Dogstar Digital has entered an agreement with Top-Line Imaging to take over management of existing customer accounts.


Dogstar Digital

design : branding : marketing : advertising

Regardless of the product, every successful project begins in the design phase. From brainstorming, to testing ideas, to putting the wheels of innovation in motion, Dogstar Digital provides the knowhow and the tools to create visually appealing sales and marketing tools designed to attract attention and leave an impression.

Learning your industry and how you do business, Dogstar provides you not only new ideas, but also a sounding board where you will bring your own to the table. We work together to project an image that inspires buyers and promotes your business as a forerunner in your field.

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